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Connecting China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey with a reliable and efficient service

This service offers a direct and timely option for shipping cargo between these important regions, utilizing a modern fleet of vessels with a range of equipment options. The 5CX service links the ports of Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, and Port Klang with Jeddah, Damietta, and Istanbul, providing extensive coverage for shippers in these areas. Our team of experienced operators are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the secure and smooth transportation of cargo from origin to destination. Trust the 5CX service for all your shipping needs and join our growing list of satisfied clients.

Pro forma schedule

Ports on this route

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5CX port rotation

Transit times

Westbound Shanghai Ningbo Nansha Port Klang Jeddah Damietta Istanbul
Qingdao 02 03 06 12 23 28 33
Shanghai 01 04 10 21 26 31
Ningbo 03 08 19 24 29
Nansha 05 16 21 26
Port Klang 11 16 21
Jeddah 04 09
Damietta 04
Eastbound Damietta Jeddah Port Klang Qingdao Shanghai Ningbo Nansha
Istanbul 04 09 21 28 30 31 34
Damietta 04 16 23 25 26 29
Jeddah 12 19 21 22 25
Port Klang 07 09 10 13

Ports on this route

Port Port Code Terminal code Terminal name Departure day
Qingdao CNTAO QQCTN Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal Thu
Shanghai CNSHA SDCT​ Shanghai Shangdong International Container Terminal​ Sat
Ningbo CNNGB NBCT Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals​ Mon
Nansha CNNSA NICT Nansha International Container Terminal​ Thu
Port Klang​ MYPKG WEA West Port​ Tue
Jeddah SAJED RSGT Red Sea Gateway Terminal​ Sun
Damietta EGDAM DCHC Damietta Container & Cargo Handling Co.​ Fri
Istanbul​ TRIST KUT Kumport​ Wed​

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